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Proper use of a "Make Before Break" bypass panel with an SURT or SRT UPS

Failure to follow the below instructions may result in the following fault messages on the SmartUPS:
P.11, SRT DC Bus Overvoltage, Event 118, Event 119, failure bypass


When moving from Normal to Test mode:

●Place UPS into internal Bypass
●Confirm UPS is in Bypass
●It is now safe to move the SBP to Test mode

When moving from Test to Bypass or vice versa:
●UPS can be in any state

When moving from Test back to Normal:

Place UPS into internal Bypass
●Confirm that UPS is in Bypass
●Move SBP to Normal
●Confirm UPS has no faults and input is acceptable to bring online.
●Take UPS out of internal Bypass

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