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Is the Symmetra RM System Fan Hot-swappable?

Is the Symmetra RM system fan hot swappable?  What is the replacement procedure?

Product Line:
Symmetra RM

All serial ranges

The system fan is a consumable mechanical item and will most likely require replacement at some point during the lifetime of a UPS system.


APC by Schneider Electric officially recommends that a Symmetra RM UPS be completely powered off before attempting to service the system fan.  To ensure that a system is completely powered down correctly, please follow these steps:

1.) Disconnect the input power from the UPS.  This is typically done by opening the circuit breaker that feeds the UPS.  The UPS should now be running on battery.
2.) Open the input circuit breaker on the UPS itself.  This is located on the rear of the Symmetra RM 6kVA system.  The placement of this breaker is on the rear of a Symmetra RM 12kVA system.  The UPS should still be running on battery.
3.) Disengage EACH battery module at least a few inches.
4.) Disconnect any external battery frames that may be connected to the Symmetra.  The UPS will now turn off.
5.) Turn the system enable switch off.

After following these steps, the unit will be completely powered down.  It is now safe to unscrew and disconnect the original fan.  The new fan can be connected and screwed in place.  Once this is secure, the system should be started back up by following the above steps in reverse.

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