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Symmetra Power Array reads "Bypass Out of Range"


Symmetra Power Array shows a fault and displays Bypass out of Range or Bypass not in Range.

Product Line

Symmetra Power Array


North American models (SYMSTRF or SYMINIF)


This document describes one of the reasons that a North American Symmetra Power Array may detect that the input voltage is out of range for bypass operation.

For proper operation of a Symmetra Power Array, it is necessary to ensure that the input voltage selector jumper is in the proper position.  By default, the Symmetra Power Array comes with this jumper tapped at 208VAC. If you wire the input of the Symmetra to a 240VAC circuit, and do not adjusted the input tap, this message will be displayed.


The input voltage selector jumper will need to be checked.  The jumper should  not be physically checked or adjusted while the system is operational, however, there are some items that can be checked to verify the state of the jumper.

The jumper position can be checked by accessing the "Raw Status" of the Symmetra Main Intelligence Module (SYMIM). In the Raw status, there are a list of bits (0's or 1's). The tenth bit indicates whether the Symmetra's Input Voltage Jumper. If the tenth bit is equal to "1", then the Input voltage Jumper is set at the 208 volt position. If the tenth bit is equal to "0", then the Input voltage jumper is set at the 240 volt position. Below is an example of where to check in the MIM Raw Status. In this example, the unit's Input Volage Jumper is set to the 208v position.

IM Status Dump: State = 05 Fan =00
100 10 00111101
VINT=240.0 00000000

If the jumper must changed, refer to chapter 4 in their Symmetra User's Manual. The first section explains the procedure for the input select tap.

Before beginning this procedure, the UPS MUST be fully powered down by following these instructions:

1. Turn the load off

2. Turn off the system enable switch on the rear of the Symmetra.

3. Open the input circuit breaker on the front of the Symmetra.

4. Open the circuit breaker that feeds the circuit that powers the UPS.

5. Remove the battery modules.

6. Disconnect any extended run (XR) battery frames, if applicable.

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