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Frequently Asked Questions for the new SMX and SMT series of Smart-UPS products.

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This document outlines common questions regarding the new SMX and SMT series of Smart-UPS products.

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Smart-UPS SMT and SMX


All models, All Serial Numbers


The SMT and SMX series of Smart-UPS is an all new generation of Smart-UPS product with many additional features and benefits.


New Smart-UPS Models with LCD Interface Frequently Asked Questions


In November 2009 new Smart-UPS models were introduced and this document addresses some of the common questions regarding the product itself and the transition from the legacy models.

New Smart-UPS models are identified by their intuitive LCD interface. These models also have part numbers that start in the prefixes “SMX” and “SMT” and are distinguished by having an advanced feature set.

What are the new part (or SKU) numbers?

There are two (2) series of new Smart-UPS models; standard and extended run. The standard models start with the prefix ‘SMT’ while the extended run models start with ‘SMX’. The new models in our initial release include the following:
Existing ModelNew Model













What are some of the key benefits of the new design over the old?

There are many new features and benefits to the new Smart-UPS but the key ones to remember are:

·          Increased intelligence that makes management and monitoring easier

·          Increased efficiency that saves on utility costs

·          Increased control with ability to configure locally or via software and switched receptacle groups

·          Increased resilience with better diagnostic capabilities and improved warranty

How long will the older models be available?

The legacy models will be available for at least 60 days after the introduction of the new models. In some cases this availability may be increased for those customers that require more time to transition.

Will all existing Smart-UPS be upgraded to the new design?

Eventually all of the fourth generation models will be upgraded to the newer generation. However, because of the large number of Smart-UPS models we anticipate this transition will take many months.

How does the ‘green’ operating mode increase efficiency?

APC’s patent pending ‘green’ mode bypass components that perform automatic voltage regulation (AVR) when not needed. AVR is typically handled in the line interactive design by solid state transformers. These transformers, while extremely reliable, do have some energy loss to remain energized. By using these transformers only when needed results in higher efficiencies across a wide range of load conditions.

Do I sacrifice any protection by operating in ‘green’ mode?

Absolutely no power protection is sacrificed in ‘green’ mode. In this mode the UPS is providing surge and noise filtering and can react to any change in power that requires voltage regulation or inverter operation in a matter of milliseconds.

What is the typical energy savings with ‘green’ mode?

When compared to APC’s very efficient existing line interactive models, the increase in efficiency ranges from 1-4%. For an average 1500VA UPS this may save $25-30 per year in utility costs.

Why do the new UPS’s not have a DB9 serial port?

The new models have an RJ45 style serial port in addition to a USB port and both cables are provided with the units. A DB9 style serial port was not used to highlight the fact that the new models operate using a new firmware called

Can I use older versions of PowerChute Business Edition Business Edition software with the new models?

New Smart-UPS models utilize PowerChute Business Edition version 8.5 or later only. To use earlier versions of software requires an optional SmartSlot, the AP9620 . You can find the latest version of PowerChute here.

What if I use my own software based on UPSLINK?

We recognize the fact that some Smart-UPS customers utilize their own custom interface based on APC’s UPSLINK protocol. These applications may include those without standard operating systems or less common ones. For these situations, we recommend the optional AP9620 converter card that allows the new models to ‘speak’ in UPSLINK.

Are the new units Mac OSX compatible?

Yes, but they require OSX 10.6.5 or later

Where is the sensitivity switch and site wiring fault light?

These features are now incorporated into the LCD front panel. If a site wiring fault is detected this message will be clearly displayed on the unit’s display. Sensitivity can also be set and viewed directly through the display.

How has battery management been improved in the new models?

The battery management has been enhanced in several ways. First, the charging circuit has intermittent, temperature controlled charging capability that ensures that the proper amount of charge is applied to the battery at all times. With the high efficiency ‘green’ mode the UPS runs cooler resulting in less degradation of the battery. In addition, the UPS can now proactively project a battery replacement date based on UPS’s environment.

How is the replace battery date determined and does it replace the bad battery LED?

The battery replace date is determined by using battery manufacturer’s data for typical battery life under different environmental conditions. The UPS actively monitors these conditions to dynamically project a suggested date when the battery should be replaced to maintain optimal performance. It does not replace the bad battery LED but rather augments that information.

What mounting hardware is provided with the SMX units?

All rack tower Smart-UPS units (SMX) include rack mount cleats, ears, mounting screws and stabilizing feet. Additionally, units with “R” in the part number include 4-post rails. The 750 and 1000VA models are also shipped with a 2-post mounting bracket. The 4-post mounting rails are optional on these units. The part number for those rails is SU032A.

What card is included with the ‘NC’ models?

All new Smart-UPS models with an “NC” suffix in their part numbers include the AP9631, or AP9641 network management card with environmental monitoring.

What smart-slot cards are compatible with the new models?

The AP9630, AP9631 (with firmware versions 5.0.3 and greater) NMC2 models, the AP9640 and AP9641 NMC3 models, AP9613 Dry Contact Card and the new UPSLINK translator card AP9620 are compatible with the new Smart-UPS models. The models smart-slot is tabbed to only allow the insertion of the newer cards.

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