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IP Installer Utility for APC KVMXXXX Digital IP KVM Switches


IP Installer provided for user download in order to configure/modify TCP/IP settings for APC KVMXXXX Digital IP KVM switches

Product Line
  • Rack Accessories - KVM Switches
    • KVM1116P
    • KVM2116P
    • KVM2132P


  • All serial numbers
  • KVMs connected via network


One option for users to assign TCP/IP settings is to use the attached IP Installer .exe on Windows systems to locate APC KVMXXXX Digital IP KVM Switches via the network. This tool requires that the "IP Installer" setting in Device Management menu is set to Enabled. If the setting is set to View, the user can search and identify the KVM but not modify TCP/IP settings. If the setting is set to Disabled, the KVM switch will not be discovered by the utility.


Download the attached .exe file in order to utilize the tool. Alternatively, a user can connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to log in and configure the KVM switch as well.


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