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If a NetShelter CX is scratched or dented can it be repaired? What color is the finish?
Issue: A customer may want to touch up or repair damage to a NetShelter CX cabinet.
Is the NetShelter CX available in different colors?
The NetShelter CX is also available in Black (RAL 9005), Dark Gray (RAL 7016) and White (RAL 9003) ...
Can the NetShelter CX be locked?
Issue: The NetShelter CX needs to be locked
Where can a NetShelter CX be deployed?
Issue: Where can the NetShelter CX be deployed?
NetShelter CX Air Filters are Difficult to Install.
Issue: NetShelter CX Air Filters are Difficult to Install.
Where do PDUs mount in the NetShelter CX?
The NetShelter CX includes a 14-15 outlet PDU. Some customers may want to replace it with a larger PDU.
How many networking cables can a NetShelter CX accommodate?
Issue: How many networking cables can be run into the NetShelter CX cabinet?
Are the NetShelter CX and CX Mini delivered fully assembled?
Issue: Need to know if the NetShelter CX and Mini arrive assembled.
How does ventilation and airflow work in the NetShelter CX?
Issue: Is there a document that shows airflow in the NetShelter CX cabinets?

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