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Can vertical cable managers or 0U accessory rails be installed in the front and rear of a NetShelter SX cabinet?
Issue: Customers want to know if there is flexibility in installing vertical cable managers, or where to mount the 0U accessory rails.
Can a 3rd party UPS be installed in the ar106v or ar106vi?
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When finger-style vertical cable managers are used in a 750mm wide NetShelter cabinet, is it possible to also block off the cable pass-thru openings in the mounting rails?
It's a brush strip style airflow management product that allows cables to pass through. It installs onto the vertical mounting rail.
Can the vertical cable trough from the rear of the front left hand rail of a NetShelter Networking cabinet be moved to the left hand side, or is there a version that installs onto the right hand rail?
Resolution: The vertical cable trough that's installed behind the left front rail in a NetShelter Networking cabinet cannot be moved to the right hand side.
Can the finger-style vertical cable managers for 600 mm cabinets be installed on the same 0U Accessory Channel as a PDU?
Resolution: The vertical cable manager can be installed in the rear-most facing position so that a PDU can be mounted behind it.
What's the vertical mounting rail depth for the NetShelter SX cabinets?
Vertical mounting rails come factory installed on most NetShelter SX cabinets in the proper position for use with rack mountable equipment that has a depth ...
DAC, Cancoil Installation Manual
Vertical suction risers should be installed with a trap at the bottom and should have 1 additional trap per 20 feet of vertical rise.
Can vertical cable managers be installed inside of the finger style cable managers, like ar7580a, AR7585 or AR7588? If so, what options are there?
Issue: A customer want to install secondary cable management inside of the vertical cable management fingers.
Can the NetShelter AV busbar be installed into other NetShelter cabinets?
Resolution: The AR8395 can be installed into any NetShelter cabinet that has 20u vertical mounting space available.
Do the VED kits fit onto the roofs of the Symmetra UPS?
Cause: A customer may want to provide cooling to a Symmetra that's installed in a row of cabinets by utilizing Vertical Exhaust Duct Kits.

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