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XU1K3LLXXRCC and XU2K0LLXXRCC Firmware Upgrade via NMC times out


XU1K3LLXXRCC and XU2K0LLXXRCC Firmware Upgrade via Network Management Card times out and is unable to complete

Product Line:

Smart-UPS Industrial


XU1K3LLXXRCC and XU2K0LLXXRCC, All Serial Numbers


When upgrading the firmware via the Network Management Card there is a delay in transferring the data to the UPS.
This causes the update to time out and fail.
  • The time out error occurs while Receiving Firmware image is in progress.
  • The percentage at which the time out error occurs vary from unit to unit.

The LCD Display on the UPS will look like this:

The NMC Web interface will display this error:


If you experience this issue you can upgrade the UPS using a USB Thumb Drive rather than via the Network Management Card.
Instructions and the latest firmware image can be found in APC FAQ #FA402857

Note: Subsequent UPS firmware updates can be performed via the NMC, however, the time to perform the update may increase by 10 minutes.