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Can not configure events for NetBotz 200 external sensor pods.

NetBotz 200 does not allow individual events to be configured on external sensor pod 150

Product Line:

NetBotz 200


NetBotz 200 with NBPD0150


Firmware limitation, sensor pod alarm configuration is not linked in UI. When you access the administration -> notification menu and choose "by event", you can choose categories such as communications events. When you view these events, you see things like "MM: Communications Lost". MM: refers to the Main Module. Extended modules which should be seen here would have an EM: designation.


When configuring things such as e-mail or traps, you can configure by group and any sensor pod configured will be configured as well. Fir instance, let's use the Communications Lost example above.

Instead of "by event", choose "by group". You can then choose all "Events by Severity" or you can choose "Events by Category". If you choose by category and communications, any configuration for logging, e-mail, or traps will get associated with both main module and extended module.

Manual option:
If you still need to configure an individual event, you can manually do this. First, you will need the event codes. The codes are available in the attached file below. These codes come from the config.ini downloaded from the device itself.

Next, go to notifications and by event. In this case we will again choose communications events and we will choose MM: Communications Lost. At this point, please note the URL. It will look something like this:

Note that 0x2E02 is the code for MM: Communications lost. Please also note that the code after the IP and /NMC/ (cuqr1XLmSGf9yLUqf) will be different for each NetBotz 200 and each login.

If you now look at the code list / ini file, you will see something like the following:
; EM: High temperature threshold violation.

Simply replace the code=0x2E02 at the end of the URL with the code of the appropriate event, in this case code=0x2F07 , and hit enter

The page displayed should now allow you to configure the "EM: High temperature threshold violation." event.
You will need to do this for every event to be manually configured.

Engineering is looking into this issue and will potentially address this in a future revision.

* Note, there is another manual option where you can edit the ini itself which is outlined in k-base FA156188. You can also configure these events through StruxureWare Data Center Expert.

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EM_Events.txtEM_Events.txt [3.39 KB]
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