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RPO (Remote Power-Off) device must be integrated with a valid EPO Device


RPO (Remote Power-Off) device and integration with an EPO (Emergency Power Off) system

Product Line
  • UPS Device Management
    • AP9830 Remote Power Off

  • All installation scenarios


The Remote Power-Off Device (AP9830) does not provide full Emergency Power-Off (EPO) protection. For full EPO protection, connect the Remote Power-Off Device to an EPO system that removes utility power from the UPS when engaged.


A valid EPO (Emergency Power-Off) system will cut power to all electrical equipment in a certain location. Due to its inherent design, a UPS will switch to battery and continue to provide power from its receptacles The RPO (Remote Power-Off) Device is used to cut power to an APC UPS during an emergency such as fire. This product is meant to be used with an existing EPO system. If an EPO system does not meet safety standards it is possible for an APC UPS to be remotely turned on, via certain accessories, for approximately two seconds. To ensure that this does happen, the EPO system MUST cut power to the receptacle in which the UPS is plugged into. Failure to do so could result in electrocution.

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