TradeOff Tools


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Number Title & Description
TT-9 v0 Virtualization Energy Cost Calculator
Impact of server virtualization and data center design choices on energy and space savings
TT-14 v0 Single Phase UPS Efficiency Calculator
Determine impact of single phase UPS efficiencies on energy costs and carbon footprint
TT-20 v0 Rack Power Architecture Efficiency Calculator
Compare conventional to 12V to 48V PSU & VRM architectures
TT-16 v0 Flywheel vs. Battery Carbon Footprint Calculator
Impact of data center attributes on carbon footprint of flywwheels vs. VRLA batteries for energy storage of static UPSs
TT-10 v0 Data Center InRow™ Containment Selector
Impact of preferences and constraints on the recommended containment approach
TT-1 v0 Data Center Power Sizing Calculator
Impact of server and storage configurations on IT load capacity and required utility input power
TT-21 v0 Temperature Rise after Power Loss Calculator
Mitigate temperature rise when power and cooling is lost
TT-15 v0 Cooling Architecture Selector
Determine impact of preferences and constraints on cooling architecture
TT-13 v1 Data Center Build vs. Colocation TCO Calculator
Impact of data center attributes and pricing model on TCO
TT-4 v1 Data Center Capital Cost Calculator
Impact of physical infrastructure design changes on capital costs
TT-5 v3 UPS Efficiency Comparison Calculator
Impact of UPS efficiencies on energy costs and carbon footprint
TT-3 v1 Data Center AC vs. DC Calculator
Impact on data center efficiency of various AC and DC power distribution architectures
TT-23 v0 IT Pod Sizing Calculator
Determine electrical & physical attributes of a pod based on input voltage, input breaker size, and rack density
TT-7 v1 Data Center Carbon Calculator
Impact of changes in data center efficiency on energy costs and carbon footprint
TT-2 v0 IT Carbon & Energy Allocation Calculator
Impact of efficiency, load characteristics, and location on energy and carbon allocation for IT users
TT-19 v0 Lithium-ion vs. VRLA Battery Comparison Calculator
This tool compares the total cost of ownership (TCO) of two energy storage options for static UPSs: (1) VRLA batteries, and (2) Lithium-ion batteries. This tool can help determine which battery type makes the most financial sense given various user inputs.
TT-12 v0 InRow Ancillary IT Equipment Cooling Calculator
Impact of IT, cooling, & room characteristics on ability for row-based cooling to support ancillary IT loads
TT-18 v0 Traditional vs. Open Compute Capital Cost Calculator
This tool demonstrates the capital cost difference and key cost drivers between traditional and Open Compute power architectures.
TT-11 v0 Cooling Economizer Mode PUE Calculator
Impact of geography and cooling characteristics on PUE, energy cost, and carbon emissions
TT-8 v1 Data Center Design Planning Calculator
Impact of physical infrastructure technology and growth plan strategies on key design parameters
TT-17 v1 Prefabricated vs Traditional Data Center Cost Calculator
Impact of design attributes on cost of prefabricated vs traditional data center
TT-6 v3 Data Center Efficiency Calculator
Impact of alternative power and cooling approaches on energy costs
TT-0 v0 PRESENTATION: TradeOff Tools Overview
This presentation provides an introduction to APC's TradeOff Tools and describes each of the tools currently available.
TT-25 v0 Three Phase UPS Modernization Opex Calculator
Estimate the opex savings of replacing an aging 3-phase UPS with a new UPS