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Can StruxureWare Data Center Expert output a 32 bit register with its Modbus output?
Issue: A single register in StruxureWare Data Center Expert's modbus output is limited to 16 bit.
Data Center Expert | Discovering a ModbusTCP device
Issue: Process to discover a Modbus TCP device into StruxureWare Data Center Expert .
Data Center Expert | Obtaining an SNMP or Modbus DDF for discovery of third-party devices
Issue: How do I obtain a DDF for StruxureWare Data Center Expert to monitor 3rd party devices?
Data Center Expert | Getting Started
- BACnet is currently not supported How do I obtain an SNMP or Modbus DDF for StruxureWare Data Center Expert to monitor 3rd party devices?
After updating to StruxureWare Data Center Expert 7.5, the server loses communications with a monitored Symmetra Megawatt.
Due to the upgrade of StruxureWare DCE, the modbus DDF for the Symmetra MW is also updated to version 12.
How do I add a DDF to StruxureWare Data Center Expert?
... "Device" menu and then either "SNMP Device COmmunications Settings" or " Modbus Device COmmunications Settings" depending on the device and ...
Register Map For NetBotz 200 and 250 does not include external sensor pod sensors.
SNMP output will work fine ... and if using StruxureWare DCE, you can use it's modbus output capabilities (with ... license) to output the sensor pods ...
Why did StruxureWare lose comm with my Symmetra MW after DCE was upgraded?
The new Modbus DDFs for the Symmetra MW included in DCE version 7.5 poll registers that are not available in some older versions ...
No device alarms shown on configuration page of StruxureWare DCE after upgrade to 7.7.1
"The current selection contains no device alarms Please make a selection that contains SNMP or Modbus devices"

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