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Netbotz | SSL certificates show incorrect dates for v2 and v3 bots

Published date: 21 July 2020

Netbotz version 2 and version 3 devices show incorrect dates in SSL certificate.

Product Line:

NetBotz using SSL

Since the clock on the Netbotz appliance may not be properly set upon initial bootup, the initial SSL certificate may have invalid dates. It has been seen where connecting through Advanced view or basic view and examining the SSL cert has shown dates 10 years old or more.


To resolve this issue, log into the Netbotz appliance through advanced view and go to the clock applet on the configuration tab. Set the clock with a current date. This can be done manually or through NTP but if NTP is used, please use the "Set time now using NTP" button and verify the date has been changed to a current date.

Finally, open the Network Interfaces applet and change the hostname. Once the hostname is changed, the bot will create a new SSL cert and the cert's valid from date will be current.

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