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Selected language changes after applying 6.4 firmware update with language pack on Network Management Card (NMC)

After updating to SUMX or SY 6.4.0, the previously selected language can change if a language pack is being used

Product Line
Network Management Cards (NMC) - AP9630/AP9631/AP9635SUM

All serial numbers
AOS v6.4.0 - SUMX and SY applications

Using the newly released language pack (sumx_640_jaJaruRudeDezhCn.lpk / sy_640_jaJaruRudeDezhCn.lpk) will cause any previously selected language (with the exception of Russian) to change in the web interface. The following chart shows what the language will be changed to based on the selection pre-upgrade:
Pre-UpgradePre-UpgradePre-UpgradePre-UpgradePost-Upgrade (6.4.0)

Customers not using a language pack will be unaffected.

This issue has been resolved with the release of SUMX/SY 6.4.0_v3, which includes the following updated language packs that align with packs which were previously available:
  • English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean  (sumx / sy 640_esEszhCnjaJaptBrkoKo.lpk)
  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese        (sumx / sy 640_frFrdeDeitItesEsptBr.lpk)
  • English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish             (sumx / sy 640_frFrdeDeruRuitItesEs.lpk)
  • English, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean         (sumx / sy 640_frFrruRuzhCnjaJakoKo.lpk)

When upgrading firmware to 6.4.0_v3 while using a language pack, please ensure that the order of the languages in the selected pack matches that which was previously installed on the NMC. If the NMC has been updated to the original 6.4.0 version (not the fixed v3) and the selected language has changed, then applying the 6.4.0_v3 revision will fix the issue. If for some reason the 6.4.0_v3 update cannot be applied, then it is possible to manually change the language through the  web interface for any user accounts. It is also recommended to check the language setting for email recipients, trap receivers, and syslog if they are used. These can be modified either through the web interface. or using the config.ini file (instructions for downloading the config.ini file can be found in FA156117)

*Note: There is an additional file without an extension included after unzipping the FW executable (SUMX/SY):
  • apc_hw05_aos640_sy640_bootmon108_v3
  • apc_hw05_aos640_sumx640_bootmon108_v3
This file is extraneous and can safely be ignored


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