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What is the Thermal Output or BTU (British Thermal Unit) of my Back-UPS XS/RS "G" UPS?


When sizing a new AC / Heating system for your data center, it is important to understand the overall thermal needs of your IT equipment.

Product Line:

Back-UPS XS "G", Back-UPS RS "G", Back-UPS PRO, Back-UPS BN "G"


Thermal Output (BTU /HR; On-Line w/ Full Load)


Normal Operation


Below you will find the specified BTU /HR per SKU for On-Line operation at full load.
  • BX/BR1500G = 100 btu
  • BX/BR1300G = 78 btu
  • BN1250G = 78 btu
  • BR700G = 48.5 btu
  • BR550GI = 33.45 btu
  • BR550G-JP = 51.8 btu
  • BR400G-JP = 30.7 btu