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NetBotz v3 | How do I configure a PCNS Shutdown alert action?

Process for creating a PCNS Shutdown alert action on a v3 NetBotz Appliance.

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 (355, 455, 450, 550, & 570)

NetBotz v3 (firmware 4.5.4 and higher)


NOTE: This feature was not added until NetBotz v4.5.4.  Please ensure that your appliance is up to date before attempting to configure these options.

1) Download and install the Advanced View Application.  Instructions for download can be found in knowledge base FA230223.
NOTE: If Advanced View is already installed, skip step 1.

2) Log into your NetBotz Appliance as an administrator using the Advanced View application.

3) Select the Configuration Tab and then under Pod/Sensor Settings double-click into Alert Actions.

4) Click Add to open the Select Notification Method window.

5) Select Send PCNS Shutdown and click OK.

6) Enter a name for this alert action in Alert Action Name.

7) Specify Advanced Scheduling (optional).  By default, all Alert Actions are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can specify an Alert Action to be active only when alert conditions occur during specific time ranges.  To configure Advanced Scheduling:
a) Click Advanced Scheduling... .
b) By default, all periods are Enabled.  To disable a time range, click-and-drag to highlight the time range, and click Disable.  To enable a time range, click-and-drag to highlight the time range, and click Enable.
c) Click OK to save the schedule and return to the Add Alert Action window.

8) Check the alert Severities that apply.

9) In the Basic pane (tab):
a) Type the full Target URL for the PCNS agent, including the port number.  Example: or
b) Type the Target User ID and Target Password, which are the credentials for the PCNS Agent, needed to execute the PCNS Shutdown command at the Target URL.
c) Type the Target Password again in the Verify Password field.

10) Click the Advanced tab and select from the SSL Verify Options for the PCNS Shutdown command: No Verification, Verify Certificate, or Verify certificate and Hostname.
NOTE: Only certificates created by an official trusted certificate authority can be verified.

11) Click OK to save this Alert Action.
NOTICE: Be sure the PCNS agent you specify is configured for the results you intend.  For more information, see the documentation for PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.2.
NOTICE: Be sure all notification policies, including the default notification policy, are configured as you intend in the Alert Profile section of NetBotz Advanced View.

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