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Video: How to place Symmetra PX back online from Maintenance Bypass (MBP)

How to place Symmetra PX back online from Maintenance Bypass (MBP)

Product line:
Symmetra PX 20K,40K, 80K, 100K

All Product models, all serial numbers

This video provides a step by step instruction on how to operate the Symmetra PX UPS from Maintenance Bypass mode, to allow the end-user to transfer load back to the UPS without interruption.

Preconditions: PDU with Maintenance Bypass breakers Q2 is open, Q3 is closed, UPS is in Static Bypass operation, bypass LED on display is illuminated, H2 light over Q2 should be on, H3 light over Q3 should be off.
  1. Close Q2, H2 light over Q2 and H3 light over Q3 should be on
  2. Open Q3 switch, H3 light over Q3 should remain on and H2 light over Q2 should now be off
  3. Go to the UPS display under the "Control" menu; take the UPS out of Bypass
The green "Load On" light on the UPS display should be illuminated and H2, H3 Lights should now be off over the Q2, Q3 switches in the PDU with Maintenance Bypass.

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