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Messaging service for PowerChute Network Shutdown running on Windows.

Starting with the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft removed messaging service from their OS. PowerChute relied on this messaging service and therefore is unable to post messages to the desktop.

PowerChute Network Shutdown

Windows Vista and above

Change to Microsoft OS

The attached EventMsg.txt file can be downloaded and used to trigger messaging via Windows msg.exe.

NOTE: EventMsg utilizes Windows msg.exe it is available on Windows 7 Professional & Ultimate, Windows 8 Professional & Enterprise, Windows 10 Professional, Windows Server 2008 & 2012

The utility msg.exe is not available on Windows 7, 10 Home versions.

EventMsg has not been tested with Windows 8 Standard or any version of Windows 8.1.

After downloading, rename EventMsg.txt to EventMsg.cmd. Copy EventMsg.cmd to C:\Program Files\APC\PowerChute\group1 folder.

EventMsg.txt contains the following content:

@echo off

@START msg.exe * /time 30 %2

The * indicates that any logged in user will get notified.

%2 is a variable or placeholder for the Event message that PowerChute will include when executing the command file.

/time 30 is the amount of time the notification pop-up will remain visible, if not closed by the user beforehand.

The Run Command File action can be enabled for any event for which notification is needed (see image 1 below). If you have enabled the command file for UPS On Battery event and also for the Input Power Restored event, if the message box that informs the user that the UPS is on battery has not been closed, the Input Power Restored message will not be visible. Example: Put UPS on battery and a message appears stating the UPS is on battery.  After 10 seconds, restore input power to the UPS. The UPS On Battery event message remains visible on the desktop and the Input Power Restored message will not be visible until the On Battery pop up is closed by the user or it times out (after 30 seconds).

Image 1
Configuration screen

Sample Notification Message
Sample message screens
For help with writing command files for use with PowerChute Network Shutdown see Command file is not running within PowerChute: How to check correct syntax usage.

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