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Compatibility Information for Symmetra Power Array 3:1 Modules


Only specific modules are compatible with Symmetra Power Array 3:1 systems.

Product Line

Symmetra Power Array


All serial ranges in above product line


Due to hardware and firmware changes necessary to make the Symmetra Power Array 3:1 system function properly, it requires specific intelligence modules and power modules.


The Symmetra Power Array 3:1 has new power modules as well as new main and redundant intelligence modules.  You will need to ensure that the modules you are installing are compatible using the following information.

The new power modules will work in both the Symmetra Power Array 3:1 and the Symmetra Power Array 1:1  The part number is still the same (SYPM). The new SYPM is identifiable as it has a different Firmware Revision number and frame color compared to the old SYPM. The MIM tells the SYPM to work in single phase mode or 3 phase mode.

How to Identify a SYPM that is compatible with Symmetra Power Array 3:1:

  • Serial numbers begins CD9910 or later
  • The new SYPM's Firmware Revision is rev 300 or higher.
  • The new SYPM has a dark gray colored frame, the old SYPM has a bright silver colored frame.
  • On the front of the SYPM, to the left of the fan you will see the specifications sticker (approvals and operating parameters). This sticker has a silver color on the new SYPM and a cream color on the old SYPM.

Please Note: The old SYPM's will not work in the Symmetra Power Array 3:1. If an old SYPM is put into a Symmetra 3:1 it will not turn on and will be reported as off and failed by SYMIM2 in PowerView. The following table shows what is supported:

SYPM (old version)1:1SUPPORTED
SYPM (new version)1:1SUPPORTED
SYPM (old version)3:1NOT SUPPORTED
SYPM (new version)3:1SUPPORTED

The new SYMIM2 and SYRIM2 will work on both the Symmetra 3:1 and the Symmetra 1:1.  The part numbers have changed to SYMIM2 and SYRIM2. The firmware revision of new SYMIM2 and SYRIM2 is 102 & 202 respectively as of Jan '99.

Please Note: The old SYMIM and SYRIM's will not work in the Symmetra 3:1. If an old version SYRIM is installed with a new SYMIM2 it will be reported as on & failed. Here's is a table which shows what is supported:

SYMIMSYRIM3:1NOT SUPPORTED (This is an improper configuration)

improper configuration)

improper configuration)

The SYBATT has not changed and is compatible in either Symmetra.  Also, the XR frames are compatible with both Symmetras.

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