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Changing the language on the PowerView RM display (AP9215RM)


How do I change the language on a PowerView RM display interface (part no AP9215RM or WAP9215RM)?

Product Line

PowerView RM display interface


All serial ranges


The language comes set by default to English but is customizable to fit the needs of the user.


The language displayed on the PowerView RM (APC Model # AP9215RM) display can be changed by using the supplied communication cable that connects to the PowerView RM display and a personal computer.

The factory default language of the user interface is English. You can change the language by downloading new firmware into the PowerView. French, German, Italian, and Spanish are available on the enclosed CD or from the APC Support website. To change the user interface language, perform the following steps:

1. Remove the PowerView Display bezel from the front of the UPS.

2. Disconnect the UPS cable from the RJ-45 port on the PowerView.

3. Connect the programming cable (included, APC part number 940-0082) between the PowerView and the UPS cable. Attach the RJ-45 connector to the port on the rear of the PowerView. Connect the female DB-9 connector of the programming cable to a serial port on the computer. The downloading computer must have access to the files on the CD provided with the UPS. Attach the UPS cable to the female RJ-45 connector on the programming cable.

4. Locate the language program file to be downloaded into the UPS. Each language program file appears on the CD under the folder of its language (Français, Español, etc.) with a .bin extension.

5. Place the PowerView in programming mode by pressing simultaneously the three keys on the right (ESCAPE, HELP, and ENTER) for about three seconds, until the PowerView emits a long beep. The LCD will display the Programming screen. To leave the Programming screen before starting a file transfer (step 6), press ESC until it beeps (about one second).

6. Start HyperTerminal or another terminal emulation program on the computer. Set the communication parameters to 19,200bps, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit. and no flow control. After establishing a connection, use the Xmodem protocol to transfer the language program file from the CD to the PowerView. When the file transfer is complete; the PowerView will reset itself and display the Startup screen in the new language.

7. If the file transfer fails, PowerView will reset itself. Retry the file transfer by repeating steps 4 and 5.

8. Quit the terminal session. Disconnect the programming cable and reconnect the UPS cable to the PowerView.

9. Install/Attach the PowerView onto the UPS.

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