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AP84XX, AP88XX, AP89XX, and AP86XX 2G Rack PDU LCD Backlight Behavior
Rack Power Distribution ... will be illuminated blue all of the ... ... span of the rack LCD display and ... ... remain on for 10 minutes. Then, 10 minutes after the last button is pushed, the backlight will turn off. The ... AP84XX series Metering by Outlet Rack PDUs require v6.1.0 rpdug app and higher and are being released in September, 2014. They cannot be downgraded. ... Within the network management card web interface ( blue and white), please check under Administration->General->About and note your AOS and rpdu2g APP versions.
INFORMATION BULLETIN: Potential Issue with AP8XXX series Rack Power Distribution Units with rpdu2g v6.0.9 firmware
If your interface is light blue and white, this is v5.X.X firmware and is not affected by the issue ...
50a 208v 3 Phase Rack PDU Load Ratings and Calculations Explained
... 208v 3 Phase Rack PDU Load Ratings ... 3 Phase Rack Power Distribution models ... 50a 3 Phase Rack PDU, such ... ... of the few units where the capacity ... ... a single phase Rack PDU, Total ... ... a three phase Rack PDU, Total ... The input of the Rack PDU is actually limited by the internal circuit breakers. ... Why is AP8868 rated at 10 .0kw, when AP7868 was rated at 12.5kw? Previous generation rack PDUs, such as AP7868/AP7898 and AP7968/AP7898, were messaged as 12.5kw rated rack PDUs. This was because UL did not de-rate the internal circuit breakers. Since
Rack PDU 2G (AP8XXX) Network Port Sharing Information
... Capability of AP8XXX Rack PDU models Rack Power Distribution AP8XXX Rack PDU series only ... up to four Rack PDUs using only ... ... by connecting the Rack PDUs via the ... ports on the Rack PDU front panel ... All Rack PDUs in the ... using the same Rack PDU firmware revision ... ... uniquely identify the Rack PDUs in a ... ... two or more Rack PDUs are connected ... ... up to four Rack PDUs. ... or AP89XX series Rack PDU was manufactured ... ... or AP89XX series Rack PDU was manufactured ... ... and AP86XX series Rack PDUs require terminators ... ... communication on the Rack PDUs.
APC Switched Rack PDUs - any pending outlet commands are lost when PDU Network Management Interface is rebooted
Rack Power Distribution AP79XX Switched Rack PDU AP89XX Switched Rack PDU 2G AP86XX Switched Rack with Metering By ... ... connection to a Rack PDU powered by ... ... for more than 10 minutes ... Users rebooting their Rack PDU with outlet ... ... stored by the Rack PDU in Random ... ... not power the Rack PDU's network connection by the same Rack PDU's outlets ( ... for longer than 10 minutes) - If the Rack PDU's network connection ... ... activated when the Rack PDU discovers it ... ... to reboot the Rack PDU to apply ... ... - if your Rack PDU's network connection ...
About->Support menu option missing from AP8XXX series Rack PDU Web Interface on certain firmware versions
About->Support menu option missing from AP8XXX series Rack PDU Web Interface on certain firmware versions ... Rack Power Distribution ... To do this, access any web page after logging into your Rack PDU. ... like this: http:// 10 .10.10.10/NMC/secmwbb5rt0tyowdufibga/gentrbl.htm
After upgrading firmware on my APC AP8XXX series Rack PDU, the input voltage reads 1V
... Upon upgrading AP8XXX Rack PDU firmware from ... Rack Power Distribution ... density AP8XXX series Rack PDUs with high ... ... upgrade, the Rack PDU phase metering ... ... reason, APC Rack PDU engineering has ... load on the Rack PDU, reducing ... cycling the entire Rack PDU for 5- 10 seconds. ... , downgrading the Rack PDU to rpdu2g ... If you consider downgrading your Rack PDU from v6.X.X. to v5.X.X, please read this .
NetBotz 250 | Physical Description
NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 ( ... NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 ( ... ... a maximum of 10 A. Activates ... 4 Rack Access Ports Ports ... 9 10 /100 Network ... 10 A-Link ... to cascade NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150s ... To cascade multiple devices, connect a supplemental power supply (100-240 Vac/24 Vdc, part number ap9505i) to a NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150. ... 13 Power LED Indicates whether the unit is receiving power ( blue = receiving power; dark = not receiving power). 14 Reset button Restarts the Rack Monitor 250 network management interface.
Can I plug my APC Rack-Mount Power Distribution Unit (Rack PDU) into a feed receptacle located in the under floor plenum? (Also applicable to Configurable & Modular Power Distribution)
Configurable and Modular Power Distribution Power cables from APC Configurable and Modular Power Distribution units are Type DP-1 TC-ER tray cable and per 645.5 ...

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