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CDU Spare Parts List
) acac20002 Flexible Fluid Piping Clamp/Hanger (Qty Of 10 ) acac20010 Flexible Fluid Piping Clamp/Hanger (Qty Of 50
... Spare Part w0w3116 CDU Metric Pipe Connection ... ... W875-2014 Flexible Fluid Piping - ... ... Meters) acac20003 Flexible Fluid Piping - ... Meters) acac20002 Flexible Fluid Piping Clamp/Hanger acac20007 Flexible Fluid Piping Clamp ... (qty of 50 ) acac20008 Flexible Fluid Piping Couplings ... acac20006 Flexible Fluid Piping Couplings ... 875-4308 Flexible Fluid Piping Insulation - 100 Feet (30.4 Meters) acac20005 Flexible Fluid Piping Insulation - 300 Feet (91.4 Meters) acac20004 Flexible Fluid Piping Strut Mounted Clamp acac20009 FLOW METER - 1" (body of the flowmeter
Network Air FM unit spare parts list
How do I install Pex piping?
2. Runs from the CDU to the unit should be free of joints and bends should not exceed the suggested bend radius.
What are the requirements for the acsc100 condenser unit
... the exhaust air would be approximately 44 C (111 F) on the 50 Hz unit (acsc101),
What are the length of the power cords of an ACSC
60 Hz unit – 5.5 Feet (1.7 m) 50 Hz unit – 12 Feet (3.6 m)
Uniflair Drain Line Connections
Connecting to the Drains The condensate water drains from the tray through a 1 1/4” flexible tube fitted in the unit .
What are some of the applications for the InRow ACRD?
... IT managers, facilities managers and contractors to install the same unit in different applications as a result of flexible heat rejection options like air ...
What are the operational conditions for an InRoom (Stulz) Unit
Upflow units with an external static pressure: 50 Pa (0.20 in w g)

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