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3 Phase Products Service Level Agreements; Definition of coverage as relates to the service level agreements offered by SE
UPS & PDU On- Site Warranty Extension: See attached file; MMKE-7RML6T_R3_EN_On- Site Warranty Extension ... 1 Site Inspection Visit 1 set of air filters if applicable ... 1 Annual PM Visit ... 1 Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit ... 1 Annual Preventive Maintenance Visit 1 Set of air filters if applicable ... {4HR, 8HR, Next Business Day }
Three Phase Power Products or Cooling Solutions One-Year Factory Warranty
The limited warranty provided by Schneider Electric IT Corporation (SE IT) in this Statement of Limited Factory Warranty applies only to products you ...
APC Security Advisory - Static Factory Password Vulnerability
... revision from APC's web site : ... or device has one of these cards ... ... directly from APC's web site at: < ... ... from the download page . ... from the download page . ... or device has one of these cards ... ALTHOUGH APC CANNOT GUARANTEE THE ACCURACY OF ALL STATEMENTS IN THIS NOTICE, ALL OF THE FACTS HAVE BEEN CHECKED TO THE BEST OF OUR ABILITY. ... This advisory will be posted on APC's worldwide website at: ... Future updates of this advisory, if any, will be place on APC's worldwide website , but may or may not be actively announced on mailing lists or newsgroups.
How to take the Single Galaxy 5000 UPS from normal operation to total power off using an external Maintenance Bypass Panel
Cause: Due to site maintenance , inclement weather, and other conditions, request come in for assistance with Powering Down the Galaxy 5000 UPS
Data Center Expert | How do hardware and software support contracts work?
... how extended hardware warranty and software support ... ... come with 2 years of factory hardware warranty and no ... can have hardware warranty up to a total of 5 years , which includes 2 years of factory warranty . Factory warranty details and hardware ... Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 AP9465 Factory Factory WMS1YRHW-BASIC ... HW Support ap9470 Factory Factory WMS1YRHW-STD ... HW Support AP9475 Factory Factory WMS1YRHW-ENT ... Extended Hardware Warranty Statement of Work ... ... ASMNS5_R 1 _EN. ... DCIM Assets website 1 ) Open the ... 1 ) A Base ...
DAC, Cancoil Installation Manual
Section 1 . Warranty and General Information ... ... please visit our website at www. ... Section 1 . ... designed to provide years of reliable performance ... stable, efficient year round operation for ... ... servicing and preventative maintenance . ... Catalog Products Limited Warranty ... catalog products limited warranty . ... are based on 1 degree per 100 ... ... a rate of 1 ” drop per ... ... winter charge ( page 8) plus ... ... a rate of 1 ” drop per ... ... and should have 1 additional trap per ... ... the system with 1 /4” ... 1 . Check the ... It is important to inspect each unit at start-up and before service or maintenance to determine which omponents have been installed.
Replacing the Battery in a 1st Generation Back-UPS Pro
Note: Please read the warning at the bottom of this page before performing the procedure below. ... 1 . Lay the UPS on its left side. ... Use care to avoid pinching the wires. ... Repairs are performed only by factory trained service personnel. ... Return the battery to a factory authorized service center or refer to local codes for proper disposal requirements.
NetBotz | Hardware & Software Support Information and Limits
wnbwn003 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Software Support Out of Support Hardware Support Factory Warranty Out of Support
How to Download the Hong Kong RMA form for APC Single Phase UPS
Warranty detail can be found on>find product description in website >Technical Specification>Conformance>Standard warranty
I have a Smart-UPS, what is your warranty policy?
... Smart-UPS Warranty ... have a Two Year warranty on the UPS ... ... have a Three Year warranty on the UPS ... and a Two Year warranty on the Battery ... ... have a 5 year warranty on the UPS ... The Warranty period starts at ... When requesting warranty service we may ... unable to verify warranty eligibility through other ... ... days after purchase warranty replacements will be ... ... and meet all factory fresh specifications. ... right to withold warranty service due to ... ... 3year/2year factory warranty , the extended ... you an extra year of battery warranty .

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