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Does my Back-UPS have "Hot Swap" batteries?
Due to the nature of the Stand-by and Line-Interactive topologies, the Back-UPS family of products allows for " ...
Video: What are the different sensitivity settings of a Smart-UPS?
"Transfer Time" is the length of time a Line-Interactive UPS takes to switch from online to on-battery operation.
Common Rack Automatic Transfer Switch Scenarios and Questions
It is also not recommended to use Line-Interactive model UPS's - only Double Conversion-Online models should be used.
Can I use a 230v Smart-UPS in a 277v environment?
Line Interactive Smart-UPS (SU, SUA, SMT , SMX) products with ... number are designed for a nominal 230v input.
Frequently Asked Questions for the new SMX and SMT series of Smart-UPS products.
UPS Frequently Asked Questions AVR is typically handled in the line interactive design by solid state transformers.
Does my Smart-UPS have Equipment Protection Policy (EPP) coverage?
All line Interactive models designed for use in 200v, 208v, 230v , or 240v environments.
Use of 208v Smart-UPS products in 240v environments
Line Interactive Smart-UPS (SU, SUA, SMT ) products with a ""T"" in the suffix of the ...
Easy UPS Line Interactive UPSCAPO Software Download
Issue: The customer is unable to install the Easy UPS Line Interactive UPSCAPO software from the supplied CD.
What are the Smart-UPS Visual Indications (LEDs)?
Issue: This document will explain the various LED's on your 3rd or 4th generation Line Interactive Smart-UPS.

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