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I have a Back-UPS, what is your warranty policy?

Fecha de publicación: 05 March 2021


Back-UPS Warranty Policy Questions and Options

Product Line
  • All Back-UPS Products including:
    • Back-UPS ES
    • Back-UPS RS
    • Back-UPS CS
    • Back UPS XS
    • Back-UPS Pro
    • Back-UPS HS
* Exceptions identified below

  • In warranty products
  • Out of warranty products
  • All serial numbers


For reference only


The majority of APC Back-UPS UPS are sold with a Standard 3yr Manufacturer's Warranty on the UPS hardware and Battery, with the following exceptions.

*  Brazil - 2yr Warranty (Repair or Replace) ;
The Warranty period starts at the date of original purchase. When requesting warranty service we may ask for proof of purchase if we are unable to verify warranty eligibility through other means. Within the first 30 days after purchase warranty replacements will be new units. After the first 30 days they will be refurbished product unless a refurbished unit is not available. All refurbished units include a new battery and meet all factory fresh specifications. Battery issues will be addressed with a replacement battery in many global regions, a replacement unit if battery stock is unavailable or Repair / Replace as otherwise specified by the applicable region.

Schneider Electric reserves the right to withold warranty service due to misuse or product modification. 

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