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Leakage current from APC Back UPS products


How can I gauge the amount of leakage current from my Back-UPS?

Product Line:

All Back-UPS models.



Cause / Resolution:

All APC Back UPS models, by themselves exhibit less than 1 milli-amps of leakage current. If a load is attached, then the leakage current measured on the output of the UPS will include the leakage current of the load as well as the UPS.

Load 1 has measured leakage current of 2millli-amp
Load 2 has measured leakage current of 1milli-amp
UPS  has measured leakage current of 0.5milli-amp

Therefore, the total leakage current that can be measured from the UPS input should be 2+2+.5 = 4.5milli-amp

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