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Symmetra LX Unable to View Diagnostics of Battery Modules in XR Frames

Advanced information provided by SYBT5 is unavailable for XR frames either via the display interface or the display interface.

Product Line:
Symmetra LX

UPS running SYMIM5 firmware revision 508.

The ability of the Symmetra LX to see the information of battery modules in XR frames is dependent upon the intelligence modules. All firmware revisions prior to 508 did not have the capability to see the “Diags” of batteries installed in XR frames. If a customer calls with this concern first, verify the firmware revision of both the main and redundant intelligence modules.

After confirming that the intelligence modules have a firmware revision prior to 508, replace the intelligence modules that are not at or above firmware revision 508. The implementation of firmware revision 508 allows for the viewing of the diagnostic information of batteries installed in XR frames.

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