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    What Cameras are supported by StruxureWare Data Center Expert?
    Future revisions of the NetBotz 750 and 755 may ... motion detection feature so surveillance based on motion will not be available on those cameras.
    Video: How do I retrieve surveillance clips in StruxureWare Data Center Expert
    Retrieving surveillance clips in StruxureWare ... NetBotz NetBotz discovered by DCE and licensed for surveillance ... assistance in retrieving NetBotz camera clips in ... 1) Open the DCE Client and go to the Surveillance perspective. ... 3) Within the Thumbnails pane, you will see the camera thumbnails for your NetBotz Appliances that are in the group you selected. ... If a thumbnail shows a red circle with a cross-line through it, the camera has not been licensed for surveillance . See knowledge base for instructions. ... Clips are stored according to the NetBotz Appliance date/time, not the DCE Appliance date/time.
    NetBotz 750 / 755 Motion alerts in DCE do not contain camera images
    NetBotz 750 / 755 ... NetBotz NetBotz 750 / 755 ... ... .7 and NetBotz "Botzware" ... 5.2 surveillance is enabled. ... up in the surveillance view. ... also configured for surveillance at the same ... ... the way previous NetBotz alerts would contain ... Please note that the NetBotz 165 camera pod must be enabled for surveillance to show these images. Please also note that the images will in no way be directly linked to the alert, you will need to search for the images based on the timeframe of the known alert.
    Video: How do I enable surveillance in StruxureWare Data Center Expert for NetBotz cameras?
    Cause: This is for customers that require assistance in enabling surveillance for NetBotz cameras in DCE
    NetBotz History Export date is seen as a Linux Time Stamp
    NetBotz is based on the Linux operating system and as such much of it's data uses a Linux Time Stamp The Exported data may look ...
    Power Specifications for NetBotz 500
    Power Specifications for NetBotz 500 ... NetBotz ... NetBotz version 2 500 ... Power Specifications for NetBotz 500 ... -Power Supply Inefficiency: 15 Watts ... -Wallbotz 500 Power Consumption - Minimum Configuration ( Base Unit + 1 docked Camera Pod + 1 docked Sensor Pod)
    NetBotz 450/550/570 | Physical Description
    ... Description of the NetBotz 450/550 ... NetBotz version 3 NetBotz v3 Rack ... ... 10/100 Base -T Network ... 10/100 Base -T network ... ... sensors require the NetBotz Dry Contact Cable ... ... sensors require the NetBotz 0-5 ... ... for connecting a NetBotz Rope Leak Sensor ... 13 A-Link port Used for cascading NetBotz sensor pods and temperature and humidity sensors with digital displays. ... 15 Power LED Indicates whether the unit is receiving power (green - receiving power; dark - not receiving power). ... The complete NetBotz 450/550/570 Installation and Configuration Manual can be found .
    What type of information can I see in a NetBotz SNMP trap?
    ... found in a NetBotz SNMP trap NetBotz NetBotz SNMP trap ... traps from a NetBotz device are a ... ... but it is based on APC OIDS rather than the NetBotz OIDs. VarBinding 15 : 1. ... When you look at the NetBotz MIB, you will also find that the trap parameters are listed under: iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprises.netBotzAPC. NetBotz .netBotzTrapParms ... Please note that you NMS or trap receiver must support this type of nested trap in order to get this information from the NetBotz appliance.
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