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    Can APC Cable Managers be installed into any other manufacturers' cabinets?
    Vertical cable managers that connect to the teardrop shaped mounting holes of a NetShelter SX 0 U Accessory Channel may to be compatible with any ...
    Can a full height 0U PDU be installed into the NetShelter SX Colocation cabinet?
    Issue: Some customers may want to mount a full height 0 U PDU into the NetShelter SX Colocation cabinet.
    How many 0U accessory channels (RCC's) are included with NetShelter SX cabinets, and how manu PDUs can fit into them?
    Resolution: All 1070 mm deep NetShelter SX cabinets have 2 0 U accessory channels.
    Are there any functional differences between the NetShelter HS and SX?
    In the NetShelter SX there are some 0 U mounting spaces behind the vertical rails of the frame.
    What are the distances between toolless mounting holes on the accessory rails of NetShelter cabinets?
    Resolution: The 0 U mounting holes on the NetShelter SX accessory rail are spaced by 7 U each.
    Can a 0U PDU be hung upside down in the NetShelter SX cabinet?
    All APC by Schneider Electric brand 0 U PDUs are designed to be installed into a NetShelter SX cabinet in either direction, with the ...
    Can ar7580a be installed into the 45U NetShelter SX?
    Resolution: ar7580a will install into the 45U NetShelter SX cabinet but there will be no cable management fingers U -spaces 1 thru 4.
    Can vertical cable managers or 0U accessory rails be installed in the front and rear of a NetShelter SX cabinet?
    The 0 U accessory rails that come preinstalled in the rear of the SX cabinet can be moved to the front of the cabinet.
    What is the distance between PDU mounting holes on the NetShelter SX accessory rails?
    In the 42U cabinet There are 6 sets of PDU mounting holes, all are spread by 7 U (311mm 12.25")
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