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    Video: How can I download Event, Data, Configuration, and Debug files from my Network Management Card?
    Network Management Card 2 (ap9630/31/35) Only - v 6.0.6 and higher - How to Export "Debug File Download" via Command Line Interface (CLI) ... Connect to the card via FTP or Secure CoPy. ... 220 AP8841 Network Management Card AOS v 6.1.3 FTP server ready. ... 230 User logged in, proceed.
    What are some features I need to be aware of while manipulating the config.ini file of a APC Network Management Card?
    Firmware versions v 3.X ... On certain types of devices such as UPSs, there is a similar override mechanism to protect certain values. ... RatedOutputVoltage= 230 ... On newer generation Micro-link UPS devices, such as SMX, SMT, SRT, and SURTD the following keywords in config.ini are protected by UPSOverride: ... On older generation devices, the following are protected by UPSOverride: ... These values are protected to avoid accidently setting the same potentially "site specific" settings to multiple UPSs without extra care, just as with the TCP/IP settings.
    Video: How do I upgrade the firmware on an APC Network Management Card (NMC) or NMC embedded device (Rack PDU, etc)?
    ... 2 device from v 5.X.X to v 6.X ... ... Network Management Card v 3.X ... ... Network Management Card v 5.X ... ... 2 device from v 5.X.X to v 6.X ... Manual - Secure CoPy (SCP ... ... already has BootMonitor v 1.0 ... ... NMC1 Upgrade Utility v 1.2 ... ... to downgrade from v 6.X.X to v 5.1 ... ... to downgrade from v 6.0.X to v 5.1 ... 230 User logged in ...
    NetBotz v3 | Security Information
    Issue: NetBotz v 3 Appliance Security Information
    International Connectors & Country Comparison Reference Chart
    ... Ethiopia Germany 220 50 Fiji Australia 240 50 Finland Germany 220- 230 50 France Germany 220- 230 * 50 French Guyana Germany 220 ...
    PowerChute Business Edition 8.5 and later Linux Package Signing Key
    Public Key information Key PowerChute Business Edition v 8.5.0 Public Security Key for Linux RPM
    Data Center Expert | GLibc vulnerability in v7.3.1
    StruxurWare Data Center Expert v 7.4.0 and newer contain the necessary security upgrades to the glibc libraries.
    EcoBreeze Variable Speed Drive Technical Spec’s
    Supply Internal supply for logic inputs at 19...30 V ≤ 100 A for overload and short-circuit protection
    Are StruxureWare DCE or NetBotz products vulnerable to Stack Clash (CVE-2017-1000364 and related IDs)?
    StruxureWare DCE v 7.X is “vulnerable”, as it would show in security scans. However, to
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