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Why is there a Screen Saver on the APC AV S10/S15 and how does it work?

Data di pubblicazione: 11 June 2019


Why is there a Screen Saver on the APC AV S10/S15 and how does it work?

Product Line:

S-Type AV Power Conditioners w/ Battery Back-UP.




The purpose of the S10/15's Screen Saver is to exercise all the pixels on the VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) to improve the life of the VFD.


The Screen Saver function operates as follows -

Screen saver function can be turned on or off through the VFD's selectable menu.

If the screen saver is turned on, the unit will go into screen saver mode after 30 sec of there being no user interaction with the front display, along with the power meter registering a load capacity less than 5%.

The Screen Saver will become temporarily disabled, when there is a change in the UPS's state or the power meter registers a load capacity greater than 10%. Once the load capacity drops below 5% and the VFD has remained untouched for 30 sec, the Screen Saver will once again begin to scroll.

NOTE: The unit will never go in to screen saver mode during a fault state or warning condition.


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