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    Which SmartSlot accessories are supported by the Galaxy 3500 (g3500) UPS?
    Data Center and Facility 3 ... Network Management Card 2 - ... ... The APC Network Management Card 2 SKUs ... The Network Management Card must be ... the sumx firmware application 5.0 ... ... the AP9631 Network Management Card 2 to ... Building Management Card (BMS ... ... 3:3 configuration . ... utilizing dip switch configurations only) you must use Configuration 2, as ... Alternatively, Configuration 4 and the onboard configuration utility can be ... The SmartSlot serial interface expander can be used with the g3500 to supply two dedicated simple signaling ports, such as for use with an AS/400 or an IBM iSeries, if required.
    Can I use a serial connection for shutdown when I have a Network Management Card installed in my SU, SUA, SURT, or SUM series Smart-UPS?
    3) Ensure that shutdown software is configured for Simple Signaling Communications (You can use ... native support, or a third party application )
    Uniflair SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
    Simple Network Management Protocol correctly the IP address; configure the supervisory software according to the MIB table (list of available variables and
    Data Center Expert | Troubleshooting SNMP Communication Issues to Devices
    ... device discovery above, if you are having issues with the new security settings , try something simple for testing purposes.
    Can StruxureWare Data Center Expert output a 32 bit register with its Modbus output?
    ... be done upon initial setup as if the system is already configured and a register is changed, the polling software must be reconfigured with ...
    Video: Where can I download the StruxureWare Data Center Expert client software?
    ... order to discover devices and do most of the configuration required for DCE, you need to download and install the client application to your ...
    Disabling Audio Recording on the Model 500
    To disable via software , simple uncheck the ""Record ... on under the Camera Pod Capture Settings under Configuration on the Advanced View.
    ap92200 InfrastruXure (ISX) Manager software issue that denies access to the ISXM server
    If you already own a StruxureWare Data Center Expert server, you can use the InfraStruXure Manager Migration Utility to migrate settings and other important ...
    Application Version within StruxureWare Data Center Expert client does not update after upgrading devices to AOS 6.4.6 and newer
    ... DCE, the system may also not show the menu option for APC SNMP Device Configuration for specific devices.
    How do software support contracts work for StruxureWare Data Center Expert.
    In the case of a Schneider Electric installation / configuration of the systems, the support will begin when the configuration is done.
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