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    How accurate is the current monitor on my APC Rack Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and Rack Automatic Transfer Switch ?
    ... metering range 0.5A to Rated Input Current Per bank metering range ( 2U units) 0.5A to Bank ...
    Differences between ap7xxx and ap7xxxb Series Rack PDU's
    AP8853 Metered AP7823 - APC Rack PDU, Metered, 2U , AP7823
    Video: How to mount a Rack Mount Symmetra or Rack Mount Smart-UPS to a 2 Post Rack?
    All Rackmount Smart-UPS 2U or larger in height, as well as associated external battery packs
    UPS Interface Expander 2 SmartSlot Card (AP9624) - Incorrect System Behavior for Some Master Server Control Functions
    ... 08.0 or greater) UPS 09.3 SMT 2U Rackmount UPS 09.3 SMT 1 U Rackmount (follow " ...
    What is the U-height of the upper and lower ducts on AR7715?
    ... the AR7715 take 2U each, for ... total of 4 U . Adding 4 U to the height ... gives the total U -height.
    Why does my SMC Series Smart-UPS switch to battery when it encounters high voltage?
    Environment: smc1000, smc1500, smc1000- 2u , smc1500- 2u
    Smart-UPS C Series FAQ
    What are the new SMC model numbers? smc1000, smc1500, smc1000- 2U , smc1500- 2U
    What are the basic troubleshooting steps for the Smart-UPS smc1000-2U / smc1500-2U ?
    What are the basic troubleshooting steps for the Smart-UPS smc1000- 2U / smc1500- 2U ? ... smc1000- 2U / smc1500- 2U - All Serial Numbers ... Fault LED illuminates Possible Internal Fault Contact APC Support for further assistance. ... (Applicable for 120 V units only.)
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