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Does the NetShelter CX interfere with a device's wifi signal? If it does, by what degree is the signal strength reduced?

Need to determine if the NetShelter CX can effect wifi signal strength.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

All versions and serial ranges.

Wireless devices can be installed inside a NetShelter CX cabinet.

A wireless device was tested in the NetShelter CX manufacturing facility. The signal strength was affected by less than 10% in 3 of the test areas and by 38.46% in 1 of the areas. The test results show that the Office had the greatest signal reduction but only dropped to a Fair signal strength. None of the results indicated a poor or unusable signal.

A complete test report is attached below.

APC Switzerland (French)

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20140324 WIFI TEST RESULTS.pdf20140324 WIFI TEST RESULTS.pdf [187.42 KB]
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NetShelter CX Enclosures
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NetShelter CX Enclosures