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Why is the Battery Management System AP9921X-AP9922 reading negative ohmic values?

My AP9921X-AP9922 is displaying negative ohmic values.

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The battery management system will not display a valid ohmic value until it has seen a discharge event long enough to scan the entire battery string.

It takes a discharge of five seconds at a minimum of 10amps to trigger the discharge test.  Once that is triggered, the system begins scanning at four monitoring points per second until:

  1. a positive current flow indicates that the discharge has ended, or
  2. the user defined low voltage is reached. At that point, the BMS goes to a "hibernate" mode, simply checking for a positive current flow on a regular timed cycle, and shuts everything else off. When a positive current flow is detected, the system wakes up and begins monitoring again.
The BMS has to be able to scan the entire battery string one time during the discharge in order to provide ohmic data in the Ohmic Value field in the display.

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