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Why can't I connect to my APC Network Management Card or embedded Network Management Card using a serial connection?


Unable to connect to a Network Management Card or Network Management Card enabled device via a serial connection.

Product Line

Web/SNMP Card - AP9606
Devices with an embedded Web/SNMP Card include (but are not limited to): Environmental Monitoring Unit 1 (AP9312TH)

Network Management Card 1 (NMC1) - AP9617, AP9618, AP9619
Devices with an embedded Network Management Card 1 include (but are not limited to): Metered/Switched Rack PDUs (AP78XX, AP79XX), Rack Automatic Transfer Switches (AP77XX, Environmental Monitoring Units (AP9320, AP9340, Netbotz 200)

Network Management Card 2 (NMC2) - AP9630/AP9631CH, AP9631/AP9631CH, AP9635/AP9635CH
Devices with an embedded Network Management Card 2 include (but are not limited to): 2G Metered/Switched Rack PDUs (AP84XX, AP86XX, AP88XX, AP89XX), Rack Automatic Transfer Switches (AP44XX), Certain Audio/Video Network Management Enabled products, Smart-UPS Online (SRT).


• All firmware versions
• All serial numbers


Several issues can cause a problem with a terminal session over a serial connection. See below for some troubleshooting tips.

  1. Check the physicals – Ensure you are using the correct cable. There are several different communication cables APC manufactures. Check your unit’s user manual for the correct part number, which should also be printed on the cable itself. If you have another cable, try it. You can also confirm the cable works if you have another unit to try it in.
  1. Ensure you are using the correct COM port - Some servers have many com ports. Ensure you are using the communication port mapped to the serial port.
  1. Ensure you are connecting at the correct settings - APC units can communicate at 2400, 9600, 19200, 38400, and 57600 bps. Please reference the product’s user manual for the default settings. You can also try connecting at each rate. Please keep in mind that the baud rate CAN BE CHANGED by the user, a change to the configuration file, or a managing device like ISX Manager or StruxureWare Central.

    APC units can be forced to a baud rate at the username and password prompt. If you are having an issue connecting, try setting the baud rate to a different value:

    Username: <username>
    Password: <password><space>-<baud rate>

    This example will set the baud rate to 2400 bps, using the default username and password:

    Username: apc
    Password: apc -2400

    The unit will inform you of the baud rate change. If it does NOT, you might have the incorrect username and password. In which case, reference knowledgebase number FA156075.
  2. If applicable, check to ensure your USB to Serial Adapter is working properly - Many of these devices require a driver to work properly. Check to make sure this device is recognized correctly by your operating system.

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