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How To: Configure Dell OpenManage IT Assistant 8.0 to receive and translate APC SNMP traps


How To: Configure Dell OpenManage IT Assistant 8.0 to receive and translate APC SNMP traps

Product Line
  • APC SNMP capable products including but not limited to:
    • PowerChute Business Edition Agent using Windows SNMP Agent
    • Network Management Cards
    • Rack Power Distribution

  • Dell OpenManage IT Assistant Installations
  • APC SNMP enabled products


Dell OpenManage IT Assistant is a centralized tool to manage Dell equipment. Once installed, a network scan will find all equipment on the network, however, only Dell network equipment and Dell machines with the OpenManage Server Administrator installed will be fully recognized.

At this point, Dell OpenManage can receive traps from APC SNMP enabled software and hardware but will not translate them.


Administrators cannot import MIBs directly into the OpenManage database-they must first create a text file from the MIB information. Then, the SNMP Event Source Import utility which is packaged with Dell OpenManage IT Assistant 8.0 allows administrators to add the text file to the Openmanage database.

The text file must be in the following format:

These strings are case insensitive; each entry should be in a single line. Severity strings are limited to Unknown, Information, OK, Warning, and Critical.

Below are a few lines showing how the APC Powernet MIB looks when it is converted to this format:
UPS IcommunicationLostICriticalICommunication lost between the agent and the UPS .I.

UPS IupsOverloadICriticalIThe UPS has sensed a load greater than 100 percent of its rated capacity .I.

UPS IupsDiagnosticsFailedICriticalIThe UPS has failed its internal self-test .I.

The full APC PowerNet MIB can be downloaded from https://www.apc.com/tools/download. Put a copy of this text file in $\ITAssistant\bin. Open a command line, go to that same location and run the command.

ImportEventSources.exe textfilename.txt (substitute textfilename.txt for your file name)

The Dell Openmanage IT Assistant will now translate APC SNMP traps.

Please see the attached document for APC's text file.

APC Switzerland


PowerNetMib_Openmanage.zipPowerNetMib_Openmanage.zip [10.87 KB]
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