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How do I troubleshoot the fault LED on my Smart-UPS RT?


How do I troubleshoot the fault LED on my Smart-UPS RT?

Product Line:

Smart-UPS Online


All SURT, SURTA, and SURTD models, All Serial Numbers


SURT units feature a Fault LED on the front panel of the UPS. This light indicates that the UPS has encountered a hardware fault. When the fault LED is lit, the battery bar graph with light up in a pattern which will indicate which sub-system has encountered a problem.


If the fault LED lights on your UPS, you should mark down exactly which LED's are lit in the battery bar graph. This is the column of 5 LED's on the right hand side of the display. If you are using a Network Management Card with your UPS, you may also want to retrieve the Event and Data logs. You should then contact APC Support while you are physically with the UPS and ready to troubleshoot.

APC Support will assist with decoding the fault indicators and resetting the unit if possible.
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