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Is the NetShelter SX Zone 4 compliant? Are there Zone 4 compliance documents available for NetShelter SX or the mounting brackets?

Zone 4 compliance and / or documentation has been requested.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX

All versions and serial ranges.

Customers will sometimes ask for Zone 4 compliance on a NetShelter SX cabinet without mention of UBC, IBC or NEBS.

NetShelter SX cabinets meet IBC High Seismic Area calculation when used in conjunction with AR7701A-S mounting brackets properly anchored.
IBC Seismic calculations and anchoring information can be viewed on the individual product pages of the APC website. Simply search for the cabinet. When you are on the cabinet's page click on the Documentation tab. You will find a link to the Structural Calculations document under Agency Approvals.
Customers asking for Zone 4 compliance on NetShelter SX cabinets may simply be referencing old standards. The SX used to be Zone 4 compliant under the previous UBC standard.
NetShelter VX cabinets AR2144BLK and AR2145BLK meet NEBS GR-63-CORE Zone 4.

Explaining Seismic Compliance and Zone 4
  • UBC (Uniform Building Code) uses a Zone based map with Zones 1 thru 4. UBC was replaced in 2000 by IBC (International Building Code). The Zone map was based on the frequency of seismic events. This is not the most accurate method of estimating seismic threat.
  • IBC no longer uses seismic Zones. IBC uses a newer, more accurate map based on seismic Areas. This map uses calculations that take into account earthquake severity, soil conditions and vertical placement of the cabinet in the building, and other criteria. The new IBC seismic ratings are: Low Seismic Area, Medium Seismic Area. High Seismic Area
• There were four UBC 'Zones'.
• There are now three IBC 'Areas'.
• There is no direct substitution for, nor direct correlation between, any particular discontinued IBC Zone and the new IBC Area.
• High Seismic Area obviously denotes areas of the most severe seismic impact.
• Any references the old IBC Zones should be updated to the new IBC Areas model.
• Customers who reference "Zone 4" without specifying NEBS, UBC or IBC may simply be using incomplete terminology. If they are following the IBC (formerly UBC) then the correct terminology is High Seismic Area.
  • NEBS (Network Equipment-Building System) is used by Telecommunications companies. It still uses the Zone based seismic map; Zones 1, 2, 3 and 4. NetShelter VX cabinets are rated for NEBS Zone 4 installations.

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