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Will my APC Back-UPS Automatically restart following the return of utility power?

Will my APC Back-UPS Automatically restart following the return of utility power?

Product Line:
All APC Back-UPS

All APC Back-UPS

When the UPS runs on battery operation and the battery becomes discharged, the UPS automatically switches off.


Note: The UPS will continue to recharge its battery in the Off state, as long as there is some voltage present on the electrical circuit.

When adequate power is restored to the UPS (and is within the operating voltage range of the UPS) it will restart in online operation.

This is independent of PowerChute software being installed or not. An attached computer may also be configured to restart following a complete discharge of the UPS, which has resulted in the UPS turning off.
The computer must have the option for powering on when power is available, chosen in the systems BIOS for this work. See Kbase FA159550 for information concerning BIOS settings.

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