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Converting Symmetra LX to and from rackmount and tower configuration

I want to convert a Symmetra LX in tower form factor to rackmount form factor or vice versa.  How can I do this?

Product Line
Symmetra LX

All serial ranges

APC by Schneider Electric offers customers the choice of a a rackmountable UPS or a tower UPS at purchase time.  However, if the needs of the business change, a customer is able to modify the Symmetra.

Use the following guidelines when converting from rackmount to tower form factor.


Part(s) needed: SYAOPT1 - Symmetra LX rack mount 4 post rail kit

In order to convert a Symmetra LX tower to a rack mountable UPS, you must remove the side panels, top panel, side panel support brackets, pallet support brackets, and casters. APCs recommendation is that an APC certified field service technician assists with this, as the frame must be carefully tipped to remove the casters. Please contact APC Customer Support for further information regarding a technician visit.

After removing those pieces, follow the instructions on installing the rail kit and mounting the frame inside the rack. The modules inside the UPS should be removed during this process. Once the frame is secured in place in the rack, reinstall the modules and follow the instructions for powering on the UPS and load.


Parts needed (quantities specified):
(1) SYAFSU8 - Symmetra LX top panel
(2) SYAFSU6 - Symmetra LX castors (left front, right rear)
(2) SYAFSU7 - Symmetra LX castors (right front, left rear)
(1) SYAFSU10R - Symmetra LX 19U right side panel*
(1) SYAFSU10L - Symmetra LX 19U left side panel*
(3) 870-3858B - Roof Stiffener Bars
(8) 810-0009A - Screws
(6) 810-2003 - Hex Nuts

* the 19U side panels are for the SYA16K16RMP models, if converting a SYA8K8RMP, the 13U side panels should be used - SYAFSU9L, SYAFSU9R

APCs recommendation is that an APC certified field service technician assists with this, as the frame must be carefully tipped to install the casters. Contact APC for further information on a technician visit.

If seismic floor anchoring is required with tower configuration, please refer to FA236776: Symmetra LX Seismic Anchoring for Tower Models
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