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Symmetra LX shows site wiring fault and/or has clicking power modules


Symmetra LX runs on battery  and may exhibit audible clicking from the power modules.  Erroneous messages regarding output voltage may also occur.  If the SYMIM5 firmware is rev 512 or above, the UPS may show "Site Wiring Fault."

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Symmetra LX


All serial ranges


A neutral wire is needed in order for the Symmetra LX to operate online correctly.  A missing neutral or a neutral that is not properly bonded to ground at the upstream panel or transformer can cause the UPS to exhibit the symptoms above.


If these symptoms are present, an input wiring check should be completed to ensure a neutral is being fed to the UPS and is connected to the correct terminal. The neutral must be properly bonded to ground. Without one, the Symmetra LX will not operate properly.

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