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How to change the Input Voltage Select Jumper on a Symmetra Power Array


I have changed the operating environment of my Symmetra Power Array and need to change the input voltage setting; what is the proper procedure?

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Before the UPS is started up, an input voltage jumper must be manually set before input wiring can be installed.  This is necessary to ensure that the load receives the proper output voltages.  The jumper must be set to match the user's input voltage, either 208 or 240 VAC.


Refer to the following instructions to change the input voltage selector jumper.

WARNING: UPS must be completely de-energized (Total Power Off) before performing this procedure.

To perform the Total Power Off procedure:

1. Switch the System Enable switch to the OFF position.
2. Open the input circuit breaker located on the front of the UPS.
3. Open and lockout the circuit breaker for the circuit that feeds the UPS.
4. Remove all battery modules from the UPS.
5. Disconnect any extended run (XR) battery frames from the UPS.

After the Total Power Off procedure has been completed, follow the procedure below:

1. Refer to figure below. Remove the screw that secures the voltage select access panel to the frame. Place the screw and access panel aside temporarily.

2. Use a small, flat head screwdriver to position the input voltage jumper to the correct voltage setting. See figure below. Do not over tighten screws.

Note: When the input voltage jumper is in the 240V position, the jumper bar activates a micro switch at the top of the terminal block. In the 208V position, the micro switch is not activated.

3. Replace the voltage select access panel and continue with connecting the UPS to utility power.

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