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Reactor circle

When the gaming UPS is on battery backup power, the reactor circle ticks down so you can see how much time is left at a glance.

Always-visible 160º angle

The reactor circle was specifically designed with a 160º tilt, so it’s visible from nearly every angle.

Functional lighting

When APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming detects a power anomaly — like surges, dips, and even wiring faults — it notifies you with pulsing lights.

Staying power

During a match, you are moving, communicating with teammates, and strategizing. The patented reactor circle gives you vital information at a glance, so you stay in the game and focus on victory.

A gaming UPS with customizable RGB LEDs


    Tailor your rear lighting

    APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming is fitted with rear LEDs that illuminate the outlets, so you see exactly where you’re plugging in your gaming gear. Rear LEDs color sync with the reactor circle and offer an ambient glow behind your gaming rig.

Gaming UPS powers with AVR and Sine wave


Even the smallest fluctuations of power can shorten your gaming PC and console’s lifespan. APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming keeps the power at stable levels with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) for your battle stations.

Battery backups aren’t created equal; Picking the wrong one could still leave you in the dark. APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming offers sine wave output to ensure sensitive gaming gear stays powered when you need it most.

Choose the casing that's the best fit

Select the base color case that best matches your rig. The customizable LED lighting will complete your look.

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