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Smart-UPS C Series FAQ
Smart-UPS C Series FAQ Smart-UPS ... is the new Smart-UPS C series? The Smart-UPS C series is ... new entry level Smart-UPS product designed for ... ... feature a new LCD Interface. 1000 and 1500va in both Rack ... ... with the SMC Smart-UPS ? The SMC Smart-UPS supports Powerchute Business ... ... not have a Smart -Slot and ... ... smc1500c) include Smartconnect Cloud Connectivity ... ethernet port for Smartconnect Cloud Connectivity Is the LCD display the same ... SMT and SMX Smart-UPS products?
My Smart-UPS will not turn on.
My Smart-UPS will not turn ... Smart-UPS ... , and SUA Smart-UPS require a functional ... ... drained, the UPS will not turn ... ... and SMC series Smart-UPS do not have ... In Smart-UPS RT units the ... order for the UPS to turn on ... ... in a 208v Smart-UPS RT (10kva ... battery in a 120v Smart-UPS must measure greater ... Smart-UPS RT units do ... ... is off - Smart-UPS greater than 1500va have an input ... ... position, the UPS will not actually ... ... quality - The UPS will not turn ...
Video: How do I update the firmware of my SMT, SMX, SMC, or SCL series Smart-UPS using the Firmware Upgrade Wizard?
Issue: There are two methods to update the firmware of the UPS : ... , however some Smart-UPS require version 4 ... Smart-UPS SMT, SMX ... ... general, all Smart-UPS models beginning with ... ... smx1500 with firmware UPS 02.x ... ... firmware earlier than UPS 07.2 ... firmware earlier than UPS 08.0 UPS Family/Category ... SKU is running UPS firmware 0. ... ... These units are 120v devices manufactured prior ... ... is running a UPS firmware version between ... ... SKU is running UPS firmware version 7 ... ... included with your UPS . If your UPS is
How do I update the firmware of my SMT, SMX, SMC, SRT, XP, or XU series Smart-UPS?
Resolution: Remotely via the APC SmartConnect Cloud (Models with a "C" suffix only - IE: smt1500c)
Video: How do I configure APC Network Management Card network settings?
Smart-UPS front panel LCD - (available on supported SMT, SMX, and SRT Models with NMC2/NMC3)
What accessories are available for the "SURT" series of Smart-UPS Online UPS Systems?
surt014 APC Smart-UPS RT 5/6KVA (For Splitphase Models) 120v PDU KIT with (6)NEMA 5-20
SmartConnect Smart-UPS loses connectivity with the cloud after a period of time.
UPS LCD Display shows SmartConnect status as "SC.4" or "Contacting" depending on the device type. Product Line:
Why can't I use a domestic model APC UPS on a ship
Cause: Standard North American Smart-UPS are designed for a 3 wire input comprised of a 120v Hot, Neutral, and Ground.
How to assign a fixed IP address to SmartConnect enabled Smart-UPS
From the LCD panel scroll to Configuration and using the down arrow scroll to Menu Type. Set the menu type to Advanced.

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