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Video: Why might my APC Back-UPS Product be beeping?
Disconnect the external battery pack if one is in use.
Safety Guidelines for Smart-UPS, BACK-UPS, and Surge products
Should you encounter swollen or leaking APC batteries , contact APC Support for guidance
Video: Battery Replacement for Back-UPS XS & RS LCD units.
APC Back-UPS XS, RS, LCD, back-ups BR, back-ups BX, bx, br, o ...
Video: Back-UPS ES - Procedure for Battery Replacement
APC Back-UPS ES, be350g, be450g, be550g, be650g, be650g1, be750g
Video: Back-UPS ES "M"; Connecting internal battery.
APC Back-UPS , BR, BX, XS, RS, bk350, bk500, bk500blk, bx1000, bn1250, bx1300, ...
Video: Back-UPS XS/RS "G" Battery Installation and Replacement
APC Back-UPS XS/RS, BX/BR, bx1500g / bx1500g-CA bx1300g / bx1300g-CA bx1000g / bx1000g ...

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