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NetBotz 750 | How do I connect serially?

How do I serially connect to the NetBotz 750?

Product Line:
NetBotz version 5.X

NetBotz v5.X

Serial parameters and drivers are required to establish a serial connection between a computer and the NetBotz appliance.


The NetBotz 750 uses the following serial parameters:
- Baud Rate: 115200
- Data Bits: 8
- Parity: None
- Stop Bits: 1
- Flow Control: None

To log in and configure the 750 with an IP, you will need to log in with root as the user and you will be prompted for a password.

If you connect your NetBotz 750 to your computer and do not see it show up as a serial port (unknown device), you need to download the driver:

Serial port driver - Silcon Labs CP2103

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