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NetBotz 700 | Resetting a Lost Super User (Web UI) Account Password

Process for resetting the NetBotz 700 Super User password for logging into the Web UI.

Product Line:
NetBotz version 5
      - Rack Monitor 750
      - Wall Monitor 755

NetBotz v5.X


Reset a Lost Super User Password

1) Connect to the appliance with SSH or through the console port on your computer (terminal emulation). Log on with the root account user name and password, then press Shift+X and then Enter within 5 seconds of logging on.

2) Navigate to /netbotz_app by entering the following command:
  • cd /netbotz_app

3) Enter the following command
  • ./restart.sh stop startApp startClubber resetsupwd
The appliance restarts.

4) Log on to the Web UI of the appliance as the Super User (both user name and password are superuser).

5) Change the default password of the Super User: Web UI > Settings > Users.


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