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Video: SRT UPS reports Battery Charger Event, Event Code 142

Published date: 09 September 2019

The UPS reports: Battery Charger Event – event code 142 on the display or in the NMC event logs

Product Line:
SRT Models
This event may be caused by a blown charger fuse, or bad batteries.
To determine the cause of this behavior, perform the following troubleshooting steps:
  • With the UPS input connected to AC mains, disconnect all the batteries in the system: all internal batteries and any external batteries, if used.
  • Go to the Status section on the display and under Battery, check Voltage.
Note: You do not need to perform measurements on the UPS battery terminals.
  • If the voltage displayed on the UPS display is below the “Voltage level” (refer to the below values), the charger fuse is blown and the UPS requires replacement.
  • If the voltage displayed on the UPS display is at, or above, the “Voltage level, the batteries need to be replaced.
Models Voltage level
SRT Li-Ion 1-1.5kVA If under 36V, the UPS shoudl be replaced.
SRT Li-Ion 2.2-3kVA If under 72V, the UPS should be replaced.
SRT 2.2kVA models If under 80V, the UPS should be replaced;
SRT 3kVA models If under 100V, the UPS should be replaced;
SRT 5-6kVA models If under 200V, the UPS should be replaced;
SRT 8-10kVA models If under 200V, the UPS should be replaced;


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