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What's the difference between the new SP shock packaging and the previous SP1 and SP2 products?

An explanation is needed to distinguish between the SP1 and SP2 versions and the new SP shock packaging. 

Product Line:
NetShelter SX Shock Package  

All versions and serial ranges.

All of the SP1 and SP2 shock packaging skus have been replaced by AR3xxxSP skus. 

For a complete list of the differences in the new and old shock packaging please see the attached document. 

Here are a few of the basic differences: 

Pallet - more robust and size. 
Ramp - more robust, single piece vs multiple pieces. 
Protection - foam vs cardboard corner protectors. 
Cabinet - additional mounting rail fasteners secure the mounting rails to the side brace. 
-Cabinet elevation brackets (4) installed at the bottom of the cabinet and allow the cabinet to rest on the pallet bracket versus the casters during shipment. 
-Casters - heavy duty and fixed rear castors. 
Pallet bracket - easy removal methods (2 possible methods) , includes feet for the cabinet to rest on and elevate the cabinet removing the weight of the cabinet and its contents from the casters during shipment
More sizes available - now different heights and depths than the standard

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